Adnan Sami Confessed He is An ISI Agent




Adnan Sami Confessed He is An ISI Agent


Adnan Sami is a title which invokes anger among many Pakistanis since the man decided to relinquish his citizenship to get an Indian one.

Sami has been getting trolled throughout the military tensions between India and Pakistan

This conspiracy He’s an ISI agent began when he tweeted”Jai Hind” later India crossed the LOC

The hashtag #MajorAdnanSami has been trending on Twitter for 2 days now and individuals have exceptionally hysterical takes on the matter
This news clip in the Indian News station is the highlight of the day.

This one really confirms he is, in actuality, an agent.

Here is another level.

And there is more.

Then you will find memes such as these.

His many makeovers have been known as evidence He has been undercover for all these years

Even Mubashir Lucman shared evidence upon the matter.

And why would not celebrity Shaan jump on the Bandwagon?
Originally, he denied the allegations and stated that he’s one of the only Pakistani products which we’re, quite basically, embarrassed of.

Afterward, reacting to Mubashir Luqman, he had a fairly amusing spin on the matter.

One of this ruckus, Adnan Sami himself finished up satirically reacting to the controversy
Playing together to the joke,” he stated that his cover has been blown and he’s been subjected as an ISI Agent. In addition, he paid his respects to some range of Intelligence Agencies he still has his job.

However, of course, this has prompted individuals to continue to troll him

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