Cringy Dance Performance By This Dulha




Cringy Dance Performance By This Dulha


We here in Marasiyat are all about weddings


Big, small, up in the north or south down from the south — weddings are basically the bread and butter of living and working in Pakistan. And of course, the fact they occur literally all year — all day, every day.

And what’s not to adore about large fat Desi weddings?

We’ve Got brides in cakes,

Brides in ships,


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However, friends, we all recognize that everyone goes to weddings to the dances. Oh, overlook the Walima and overlook that Baraat, the sole invite many people to dive directly to is Mehendi ki Raat.

Through Deenga
While dances at weddings today are all about that choreographer you hired, there is nothing like an old fashioned solo to the bride and groom. All these dances are usually adorable, sweet, psychological and the majority of the time, possess a personal touch here and there — guaranteed to find a few tears.

But it appears this groom needed to place a little added oomph to his measure also, it did not function too…


And though intentions because of his dance appeared to be rather adoring — it came off as fairly extreme, rather.

The groom started by doing his thing when sitting on a stool at the middle of the dance floor and mouthing the words of this tune’Jag Ghoomeya,’ being striking afatbr>

Yeah, that is perfect. A guitar FIRE. What’s this not a HAZARD?

The remaining part of the dance had Sohail tumbling across the ground, doing, well, whatever movement he had been performing with his hands once he shimmied to the ideal side of the point.

And Naturally,

The big finish in the end.


And fine, let’s give him credit. It requires a whole lot of guts to get on stage in front of your friends, loved ones and in-laws and execute a dance like this. ALSO!

We applaud his bravery however lost can’t state that was not one of the very embarrassing dances we’ve seen a groom do because of his bride.
And it appears like people on social websites could not help but wonder it also.

^ *What we envision the bride actually responding like*