Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak were new sensations for social media people. Hareem Shah name and education are a new topic of gossips these days. Anything that gets viral usually completes its time period, gets the attention and then vanish. But the TikTok Star Hareem Shah not only brought TikTok videos with famous politicians but raised some real big issues too. 



People smelled something wrong from the very start and we can now see how much big controversies were hidden behind so-called TikTok videos. Every video they release brings a doubtful impact on the political leader’s life. Not only politics she has approached the grounds of cricket too.



The story started from private jet to the parliament house and whole electronic media and social media turned into the house of gossips that what is her source of earning that she affords to live in lavish hotels to enter into the private jet and then finally entering into the parliament house, Who gives her access to go in such sensitive places.

hareem shah name



She has come in a number of interviews but never gave satisfying answers up till now. Her statements are flawed, Her answers are shaky and she finds herself in trouble many times. 


Not only she has access to such places but she has the audacity to play Indian Songs in such affected places where even a most patriotic person of this nation can’t go. What’s the connection she has got to such famous and considerable places.


She has already brought a controversial position in Mubasshir Luqman, Mehmood Qureshi, Sheikh Rasheed and Shaheen Afridi’s life Along with many famous political respectable personalities. She always assuredly put allegations to them.



Upon asking what source of earning she has, She said, I am a student and I have got my semester frozen. She belongs to a Pathan family and his father seems helpless in all this matter. People want to ask, as famous persons become the property of the public. They have to pay their privacy and why not? She should be answerable for all these objectionable things.

From her bravery, We can assume that she has so much information to give. No person has that much confidence she seems to have. Or maybe she used TikTok as a platform to get open up from certain things. Because Modern problems require modern solutions.



Now, the story has taken another turn and she has lost her grasp over things. So many things are flawed so is her name. Sources are saying that her name is not Hareem Shah but Fizza Hussain.

Also, the name of Sandal Khattak is not Sandal Khattak. Her private documents have been released, Whatever she was doing is now happening with her. She has left this country and applied for Canadian citizen she said she is not returning to Pakistan. and will fly from Baku to Canada. People are providing fake information regarding her personal life, She added.

hareem shah and her father


She had not so good opinions with PTI Supporting Leaders but always have good thoughts about Imran Khan this is totally strange. 


Some people are saying that After Aisha Gulalai, The book of Reham Khan and now Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak are the favorite people to do PTI political party’s reputation spoiled. 

PTI’s supporters have a whole level of different views on all this propaganda. And they say that it is just to make this government honor arguable.

Hareem Shah’s father Syed Zarar Hussain said She studied in an Islamic school and was looking depressed. I made him Alima. His condition was disturbing and down. Her identity revealed as Fizza Hussain but the name and followers she gained from is Hareem Shah.


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