India Did Not, In Fact, Take Down Our F-16 US Just Confirmed That




India Did Not, In Fact, Take Down Our F-16 US Just Confirmed That


As you might recall, February of the year was a fairly significant month for Pakistan and India.

Tensions between the two nations had not been high in years and after an attack, a seized Indian Air Force pilot and a balloon blown up with a 50 million dollar missile, it appeared like things eventually calmed down.

But naturally, this is true life.

Remember him?

Yeah, most of us ended up enjoying him releasing him it was pretty much warfare shrapnel swept under the carpet. Until today.

And that every fighter jet has been accounted for, such as the one that has been shot down from Abhi. The post went on to speculate that although it really looked like an immediate hit in the view of the Air Force at the moment, it had been, in actuality, a miss.

Does this imply that Indian Forces have been possibly tricked themselves, but they also have tricked the whole country and the whole planet with respect to war strikes dedicated? Indian media has been famous for its unpleasant and frequently unfiltered coverage of occasions and if it comes to comment on Pakistan, the absence of integrity and journalistic ethics is off the charts. So clearly, it’s a really major hit to India’s ego.

Pakistanis are thrilled at the new info, confirming our enemy-neighbor was ineffective at launch an attack on a few of their own airplanes. An attack the Indian Air Force was very pleased with.

And also to look at each side of the boundary, it seems like Indians on societal media appear to be accepting the information fairly well?


The nation has mixed reactions within the information, including an awareness of fascination towards Prime Minister Modi.

The matter is, who cares if India never shot down our airplane. This info will literally do nothing for anybody now. The harm, that was more metaphorical than real hindsight, was done. The US affirming this amount today is similar to that moment in a debate when you think about a fantastic solid comeback but it’s three days later and it will not make sense today. Tragic, but insignificant.

That’s quite literally true with this dropped or not dropped F-16. More than anything, this war’ has become a match of egos and that I will assure you in this struggle, there’ll not be a winner.

So we are able to observe all we need and we could call out Indians to their own misinformation, or we could proceed and find a way to repair this shitty jumble of affairs.

Have you ever seen the news? What do you consider the count of F-16s?