India sellers started Selling Surgical Strike Saris Kaisy Kar Lyty Ho Yaar




India sellers started Selling Surgical Strike Saris Kaisy Kar Lyty Ho Yaar


Within this continuous tug of war between Pakistan and India which has gone because basically indefinitely, you need to locate things that comedy you. Why? Agreed. But listen, comedy is an integral part of getting through those testing times.

And what is good is that India is basically giving us articles left, right and center. It has been our muse in regards to our passion memes and today, it has given us yet another thing to be entertained by surgical strike saris.

I really do. However, these infants are actual.

Surgical Strike Saris

Apparently, these were created in Surat at which the retailer who’s selling these stated they were created in just four hours of their surgical strike India is very pleased with.

Allegedly, these really are a hit and the retailer has received about 2000 orders currently.

Surgical Strike Saris

The functions, you know? All this is digitally printed on both meter sari. Alarmingly, the layouts also incorporate depictions of this Pulwama Strike — that is fairly insensitive, no?

The retailers have been showing the saris with pride.

Evidently, this comes off as a little absurd and that is apparently the overall opinion online too. Social networking users from either side are discussing how they feel about such innovative saris.

Some people wish to proceed.

I mean, I do not blame her.

Are you sure? Can we say there is not more surgical strike merch lying about?

Some people believe (or hope) it is a joke.

It reads like you. Nonetheless, it’s all too true.

The saris have been commended also.

Some people wish to know why those exist.


People find this incredible.

Par think toh karna parega. They are right there, as far as we all wish they were not.

All in all, I only have a question for people did so:

It is funny but kinda depressed, you know? Anyhow, let’s know what you think about this from the remarks.