Indian Cricket Board Invited By PCB To Watch PSL Final In Karachi




Indian Cricket Board Invited By PCB To Watch PSL Final In Karachi


Let us be real, matters between Pakistan and India haven’t been the greatest, recently.

The Indian press is under scrutiny for exaggerating the fact, Pakistanis are being called hypocrites and the animosity between both nations have entered the sport world.

India lately denied issuing visas to Pakistanis for athletic events that finally resulted in them being prohibited from having any sort of talks with respect to the International Olympic Committee and the World Wrestling Body.

Both these organizations said that India’s behavior was a direct breach of the Olympic Charter that the WWB follows rigorously too. Until further notice, any
sort of communication has been prohibited between those organizations and India.

Pakistan, on the other hand, is obviously another frame of mind. Even though India has been clear about its position with Pakistan,

The Pakistan Cricket Board just encouraged the Board of Control for Cricket in India to see the PSL closing in Karachi.

Honestly, crazy.

During all the bullshit that’s been piling up from the previous two weeks, Pakistanis have amazingly maintained their calm. Not positive if it’s because we understand we are extremely effective at protecting ourselves solely about the fact that Pakistanis have a nationally claimed defense mechanism, which is our extremely humorous sense of humor.

However, no joke,

Though we can not account for each Pakistani from the nation, the jokes have been around point in this important time and the PCB enjoying its prank is just a breath of new humorous atmosphere.

And fine, until we all get super mad and believe this was in complete PCB’s humorous joke skillz, the invitations were allegedly delivered into the secretary and chairman before all of the tension between Pakistan and India escalated.

Evidently, it’s very obvious that India won’t be accepting the invitation but none the less, at least it makes for a fantastic joke today, lol.

But it’s necessary to be aware that although we as a country have been concealing it with the memes and light-heartedness of the topic, we’re fully aware of the ugliness that lies between every tweet. This isn’t a scenario we should all now maintain and as time continues, it’s very important that we can resign from the politics and allow the scenario to unfurl itself into an individual manner.

Imran and Modi should sit down in space and manage the mess that’s been produced in the past the number of decades.

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