Iqra Aziz Responded To the Rumors For Farhan Saeed Is Not In Season 2 “Suno Chanda” Season 2




Iqra Aziz Responded To the Rumors For Farhan Saeed Is Not In Season 2 “Suno Chanda” Season 2


It has been an honest evaluation of inspiration to get all’Suno Chanda’ lovers — that the show aired this past year during Ramazan and was an instantaneous hit. The play became the most watched play because’Yakeen Ka Safar,’ and became massive at a brand new era of viewing pleasure. Starring Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, the show introduced us dollops of humor, romance, pain and virtually every emotion that you can serve in what turned into a thrilling post-iftaari platter for all of us.

Different rumors followed later concerning the chance of a second season — a comparatively new occurrence in Pakistani tv. Its onscreen pair Iqra and Farhan were always fantasized about whether they’d be to get a second season, or even when Momina Duraid was considering it.

While both actors were to get a second season, Titan manufacturer Momina Duraid made all our fantasies come true after affirming to BBC Asian Network journalist Haroon Rashid who’Suno Chanda’ will be returning for a second season.

The ensemble cast would be coming, and while that is all we know so much, it is sufficient to keep all of us the show might go back for following Ramazan, and though it’s a lengthy wait, how the exact same cast will be putting our telly screens on fire after again is worth the suspense.


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After we pulled a little small prank on everybody by declaring that Iqra and Farhan weren’t part of this second season (for April Fools), we obtained confirmation from our queen Iqra herself…

Iqra affirmed that she had been part of this second season (LOL), and we told her we’re simply pranking all of you’Suno Chanda’ lovers for pleasure! But, BTS videos and pictures of the most recent spell haven’t comprised Farhan as yet — just spinning rumors that he had no longer linked to the drama.

Iqra sat down throughout the shoot with assorted media books and divulged information about the second season.
She anticipated her enthusiasm and also affirmed the second season could be even crazier than the original. She stated, “it’ll be much more than it had been, with more bliss, boot Saara Pyaar and a lot of heart-wrenching moments” The joint-family will be a lot larger than previously, with an inclusion of new characters. The rights within this season will probably be more difficult to keep, however, Iqra is sure that lovers will fall in love all over again using the newest season.

The celebrity confirmed that Farhan WAS also part of this second season, dispelling any untrue rumors that he wasn’t part of it.
Iqra famously stated that Farhan was really part of this second season, also stated that there could be a lot more chemistry between both (YAY)!


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