Irfan Junejo And His Wife Look Absolutely Beautiful In Their Own Wedding Pictures And Fans Can’t Help But Say”MashAllah”




Irfan Junejo And His Wife Look Absolutely Beautiful In Their Own Wedding Pictures And Fans Can’t Help But Say”MashAllah”

Famous Pakistani YouTuber and vlogger, Irfan Junejo, recently declared he will not be part of this Pakistan Super League on account of the simple fact he was married in February.

I will not be part of PSL this season since I’m getting married later this month. Duaon ka talabgaar and best of luck to @IsbUnited for your championship

In the get-go, his fans were so excited for him and could not await the pictures. Now, finally, after a week, official pictures are released.

Junejo was captured inside this solo film — assured and, well, ready.

But, Ali Chaudhry, the photographer, was able to capture the new few first minutes as the groom and bride too.


Junejo shared the next image on his Instagram account together with the caption, “Lucky me.”

Certainly, the couple seems totally magnificent. We also finally get to see that his wife also, which is fantastic! The caption, also, is the ideal way to let his fans know how he really feels. And frankly, it is all just very adorable, yaar.

Look at the two of these in their colors.

And that kinda sorta blunt (ish) image, also. Adorbs.

Additionally, have a look at this hella royal shot.

Ever since the pictures began circulating, Junejo’s fans are overjoyed and so are sending love, prayers, and well wishes. Across all social networking platforms, his fans are reaching out to communicate their happiness.

Some individuals felt speechless but were able to put their ideas together in a tweet to communicate how happy they had been.
Idk which words to use to convey my joy on junejo bhai becoming married and enjoying bhabhi in each possible manner. ❤
May you always be blessed with the Almighty and your love and esteem will grow& grow for every passing day. Ameen! ❤@irfanjunejo

— Usra.

Others just congratulated both.

Congratulations @irfanjunejo May Allah bless you with all of the happiness and finest life beforehand. Ameen.

— Endian.

Some fans praised both too.

Others shared their admiration for Junejo.
Mubarak Bro! You’re the best person, my prayers and best wishes for you to get a new happy life… incidentally, you’re the sole vlogger, whose all movies I watched.

Individuals whose lives Junejo has touched also achieved.
Congrats to the guy I Respect out of all of his battles and hard work to create his title for a Brand in Pakistan. @irfanjunejo May Allah showers his blessing in your new journey.

Others made the exact same PSL joke, lol.
@irfanjunejo apki shadi ki khushi primary @IsbUnited ka tofaa!!! Wahhh #PSLT20

Islamabad United to provide Irfan Junejo a wedding present by winning this game. #PZvIU

Some folks could not believe it.
Irfan junejo ki bhi shaadi hogayi hai wtf

— Rabia (@_rabiamalik) February 22, 2019

Other people place their feelings supporting them to want the happy pair.
And now my crush got married congratulations btw @irfanjunejo

— Miss Ansari (@baat_suno_) February 22, 2019

It really is a momentous event for both, and I am convinced Junejo’s fans need to feel contained within this massive milestone. Maybe we can all anticipate a vlog shortly.

Regardless, congratulations to the happy couple!