Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is the highest-paid writer in Pakistan Drama Industry. False rumors of Khalil ur Rehman second marriage to Eshal Fayyaz were spreading by different forums. As it is the era of social media, everybody is so much keen on the lives of actors and actresses performing in dramas. This time people started taking interest in the writer’s life too, which is no other than Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. 



It is not the first time that his written drama stole millions of views. Pyare Afzal, Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, Bunty I love you, Landa Bazar, Zara Yaad Kar, and much blockbuster drama were his pieces of writings. People used to watch his drama because of the deep dialogues that he writes. His lines are straight forward and sometimes feel cruel but most of the time people have started saying that they are his own thoughts that reflect his mentality.



Khalil ur Rehman every now and then comes under the discussion of the topic for gossips and this thing grabbed hype when he made the drama on his own life called “SADQAY TUMHARE” It was a brave move though but people do judge his life now with the storyline of this drama.



In a recent interview, he spent the day with Sohail Waraich and people got the chance to see him along with his family. Apart from his second marriage, there were so many things that people find disturbing in his personality. People figured out that he is so self-obsessed. 



His thoughts got more transparent when people watched his interview. People’s comments over her lifestyle were really personal but he himself talks in public about such issues. 



He often gets sad about people’s behavior and has drawn a very strict line about his rules, In a show of Nadia Khan, The writer showed aggression towards some actors and actresses. By clearly saying Be-emaan and dishonest to some actors. Mehmood Aslam, Saba Hameed and Urwa Hussain are actual points. His straightforward attitude is problematic for many people. It is the most horrible experience working with Urwa, she begged for the role in Punjab Nahi Jaungi. He said.



He shows women carrying a negative role. Not only negative, but he also portrays them as sometimes characterless sometimes very greedy. And In Sadqay Tumhare it became crystal clear why he thinks like that about women. Women don’t find his statement so okay and feel uncomfortable with it.



 Talking to Sohail Waraich he said I respect Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar so much. I get intuitions. “Mujhe ilham atay hein” I don’t write the dialogues by my own self. He said I get messages from some spiritual power and I write them on-page. The person who writes is Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. He adds Qamar to that man who he becomes while writing. While Khalil ur Rehman is a very ordinary man. But he is so confident for whatever he says.


“Mujhe ilham atay hein, Ye dialogues mein khud nhi likhta” Mein us bande ki boht izzat karta hun jo k Khalil ur rehman QAMAR hai. Mein jb k Khalil ur rehman hoon jo k bohot aam sa banda hai” Sohail Waraich asked “Ap khud pasand hain?” that he clearly denied.

And not this, At many points, People found him self-obsessed. Like in another interview too. Which he talks about equality.



Between talking, He introduced his family. His wife was so appreciative and keep on admiring him. Sohail Waraich said “You have done second marriage too,” His wife said “Ye wese hamare hi sath hotay hein” His daughter sarcastically said “Mama cover na karein” To which Khalil ur rehman started laughing. He was so loving to his family. 

It was, of course, a family chit chat that people started to judge. His family had absolutely no problem with that.


About sharing the news of his second marriage, All Pakistan Drama Page said that the actress of Kaaf Kangana “Eshal Fayyaz” is his second wife. Kaaf Kangana is the film that Khalil ur Rehman has written. But it turned out as a major fail. The admin of the page was linking its heroine to Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. 

khalil ur rehman second marriage


Khalil ur Rehman denied the news and tweeted by mentioning the name of a page. On the other side, Eshal Fayyaz too clearly said no to the whole story. 



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He focuses on Loyalty to the partner in the drama “Mere Paas Tum Ho” Feminists are already finding his dialogues sensitive and then when Danish said “Shirk tou khuda bhi maaf nahi karta” They found it problematic to relate the man with God. On hearing about its second marriage, Women got the chance to speak. While some were saying that ‘is it that loyalty he talks about in dramas’ Because his attitude towards love and loyalty is very strict.

khalil ur rehman second marriage

Sohail Waraich asked if you appreciate the independence of women?? That he says, I appreciate this fact. Apart from something he had nice thinking about women. But some statements can come under the banner of criticism. Maybe because he is quite blunt on certain things.

Some people were linking his current life to the story of Sadqay Tumhare which is, of course, wrong on so many levels. People were connecting Shano to his life incidents.


He never minds giving personal information to media even he has said that “Rumi is portraying his childhood” He used to think like Roomi because everyone used to get astonished to listen to such philosophical replies coming from the kid of such little age.

khalil ur rehman second marriage


Of course, rude comments must have triggered him to clear about his marriage. 

While talking about his payment to write for serials, He agreed on 50 lacs that he gets nearly this much of amount. His son said that he is so much straight forward and he never spends too much on himself.


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