Pakistani Actress Read Perverted Msg Sent To Her By a Men




Pakistani Actress Read Perverted Msg Sent To Her By a Men


You know how sometimes, you are bored, and you scroll through your own filtered messages or requests on Instagram? And more frequently than not, there is some creepy message or an unsolicited dick pic, because men literally cannot keep it in their pants?


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Bond Girl. If Cillian Murphy is Bond. ⠀⠀ #wishfulthinking #bondgirl

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Gibran Jan goes on to examine those messages one by one, and attempts to determine the thought process which has to be behind the missed calls, rapping, and also the dick pics sent in by random men.

He starts the video by falling a bomb,” Therefore, all those dudes sending dick pics, I am also watching your dick, so just to be clear, I am judging you also.”


Then he takes us through his journey’ of those discussions, which can be one-sided, together with all the men in his spouse’s tune.

Gibran begins by describing the very first conversation which begins with the tide, and following two weeks, this tide escalates to a missed video call.

“He believed the wave was not a great one, he is going directly into the video conversation,” Gibran says as he reads between the lines.

“Did he believe that the dick pic is the thing which would lock her or push her away?” Inquires Gibran as he concerns another movement.

…and it is just as amusing as it seems.

“Gibran has the capability to throw a few tough truths at me almost every day whilst at the same time making me laugh. I really like how he responds to things — with honesty, incredulity and finally, humanity. States Shahana.

Boyd never believed weird pervy messages out of men could be funny when read and explained by a different guy, but I am laughing my ass off anyhow.

You can see the Whole video here:

Thank you Gibran Jan for shedding light, together with sarcasm and humor, on the fact that people women aren’t at all curious about creepy arbitrary messages along with dick pics! You pretty much Wondering exactly what we have been saying for some time today, but maybe you are going to get through to fellow men more readily.

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