Pakistanis Sharing How Price Hike Is Affecting On Their Lives




Pakistanis Sharing How Price Hike Is Affecting On Their Lives


The recent price hike has set a great deal of strain on Pakistani pockets and young professionals are carrying to social networking to air their grievances.

As we all know, inflation has been one of the basic problems of the market in recent times and the authorities has come under criticism because of its recent price hike
Based on Business Recorder, information published by the Bureau of Statistics in March shows an increase in Pakistan’s consumer price inflation that’s hit 9.41 percent, that’s the greatest in five decades. How a frequent man copes with their funding in times like these is a vital subject by itself.

So recently I came across a really interesting thread in which folks were sharing the fiscal issues they have been facing because of inflation.

It all started when this man said that a lot of his wages is spent on invoices and that he has not been hit this hard by inflation before.

After the program, a variety of people shared their own personal experiences on the situation.

Many are speaking about how moving from one’s parents home appears impossible under the specified situation.

Others lamented about how eating is becoming much Harder for many

When there are individuals who can not go from the parents’ houses, you will find many others who are thinking about going back in with their parents to save up.

Utility Accounts, in particular, are a Massive woe for many

A devastated mum spoke about the challenges she must confront to meet the basic necessities of her children

It was discussed how possessing a parcel of the property looks like a fantasy which is too far-fetched such as phrases.

This Individual even shared with their critical struggle on the Topic of property


So yeah, it is important for all of us to admit that in this battle for dear life, in which individuals are trying to place food on the table, they are paying the price of the dreams and aspirations. We are working in and out, simply to meet our basic desires, all else looks like a luxury we cant manage.

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