Shahmeer Abbas AskIng Sham Idrees About Accident




Shahmeer Abbas AskIng Sham Idrees About Accident


As You Might Have heard, Sham Idrees has made his way into Pakistan
Together with his currently official spouse, Froggy, Sham declared his birth on his social websites.


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Hi Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️ Who wants a meet & greet? 🙊 #SurpriseSurprise 🔥

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Yup. So naturally, given the time period, this implies tons and a lot of articles for your YouTuber and a great deal of crap for the rest of us to watch.

That brings us into his very first collaboration since he is touched in Paris city, Shahmeer Abbas.

Currently, in average Sham style — there could not be just an immediate video on Sham and Shameer collaborating. No no, there was an overly exaggerated prank setup between both with fighting, shoving and pushing involved.

You know, normal Desi stuff. However, what occurred next, will jolt you.

Ok not actually.

Sham introduced his very own video, clarifying what occurred between Shahmeer and him surprisingly, it was actually a good watch.

Sham was not being obnoxious at all and if anything else, he was actually far more mellow in this video that he’s been in his other videos in a previous couple of months. Not positive if it’s the weather or the fact that everybody around him is considerably more revived, Sham actually seemed so cool, serene, cool and collected.

And getting to the video, Shahmeer was actually asking pretty adequate inquiries too. Apart from the one where he asked Sham when his eyes were real and he seemed like a Jinn.

Obviously, he’d bring up THAT injury and immediately asked Sham when it was fake blood ‘rooh afza,’ which was coming from his mouth.
And surprisingly, Sham whipped a super technical and skilled response about how the particular lens and camera pulled an odd pigment from the color red, thereby making it seem fake. Frankly just expected him to shout and shout and earn Ducky Bhai however no! V calm.

Scared? Or anticipating a collab? You pick.

Anyhow, Sham moved in the details about why he began YouTubing at the first place and how being in Pakistan, he simply wants to show folks around the world how good of a nation it is. No matter how far he might get on his nerves, can not say that.

Again, the entire thing was a pretty bizarre thing to watch, believing that Sham appeared so chilled out but that is a side of him which I could get accustomed to. I mean, he is still the worst, however, this can make it a lot easier to watch.

No doubt that there’ll be a range of different videos coming from Sham and his experiences from Pakistan so stay tuned, we are not going anyplace.

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