Speaker Of KP Assembly Mushtaq Ghani Ask To Eat One Roti




Speaker Of KP Assembly Mushtaq Ghani Ask To Eat One Roti


Ever since the current price increase, it has increasingly become problematic for ordinary people to make ends meet. People are vocal about their anxieties but there is no shortage of tone-deaf answers. One such’shocking’ statement by the MPA Mushtaq Ghani has captured the interest of several on
social networking.

While addressing the crowd in Peshawar Press Club, Ghani implied that eating one roti now can help an Individual to manage two rotis tomorrow
In reaction to a question associated with poverty and inflation, Mushtaq Ghani explained,”If someone who eats two rotis a day, brings the amount to one then another day that he is able to eat two to three rotis.” In addition, he stated that saving can help curb the menace of poverty.

People Weren’t able to understand the logic behind the statement given and stated that this was complete stupidity

Awaam got fairly confused and was excited to know kay kya ab ghabrana shuru kar dain?

They claimed that the statement made by the speaker is contradictory to the laws and concepts of economics

People tried explaining to the minister a Frequent man in Pakistan does not receive the’luxury’ of economies


Some went on to state Asad Umar and Mushtaq Ghani both possess the Very Same mentors

People were perplexed that when the minister wanted to indicate that the bad people of this nation have created their difficulties by simply eating A LOT
They encouraged the minister to maintain his diet program with himself

They asked the minister to stop lecturing the awaam about’the best way to prevent being bad’ and requested the minister to keep a check on his own rights

People tried to describe the crucial situation of poverty from the Nation

Several private attacks were made on the minister, too

But most importantly, people urged the PM to alter his group or warned him to Prepare for the serious impacts

Portrait of Marie-Antoinette together with the increased.
Such tone deaf answers from leaders of a nation only ever cause revolutions. Here is hoping that our leaders have the courage to directly apologize for being not able to comprehend their awaam and vow to do better.

But anyhow, following the murghi plot and revelations about weather fluctuations, the PTI authorities is here using the new roti rescue strategy. Do you believe this one may actually hold some merit or is Mr. Speaker only out of touch with realities of his inhabitants?