This Man Claiming like a FIA Officer Threatened Bus Hostess




This Man Claiming like an FIA Officer Threatened Bus Hostess


Harassment was commonplace since strong people realized they could abuse their ability but it feels as though it is a problem today since a lot of victims
of harassment are coming together and publicly initiating a debate on the necessity for change. This episode in a bus journey only goes to show just how no one ought to have the ability to manipulate another.

According to the passenger that uploaded the movie concerning the episode, the bus hostess was providing heated water bottles to each of the passengers but when she passed it to one of those passengers, he asked for a different one quite rudely. Since she’d directions of committing just one bottle each individual, she refused and stated that she can’t provide any special treatment to anyone at the bus.hostess

The hostess had been taken aback with this type of mindset and told him not to order her about and she wasn’t his daughter to carry his orders.

The movie shows that the man cried at her, threatened and abused her with plenty of swear words

Other passengers attempted to intervene when the hostess broke down and yelled in the threatening words of this man
Even the motorway police then came and asked the passenger to leave the bus but he also threatened him he had been out of FIA and whoever attempts to complain against him he won’t spare them.

From the movie, the motorway authorities when hearing he belonged to FIA, were reluctant to shoot him off the bus and asked him to plead and remain on the bus however other passengers in addition to the hostess had been adamant that the man shouldn’t travel any farther together along with a harassment case ought to be filed against the man. When the motorway authorities watched many passengers in aid of their floor hostess, they shot the man off the bus and the hostess was grateful to everyone who encouraged her.

Cases such as these are typical and it’s time people talk against these events and encourage the victims. Rather than seeing such actions and carrying out talks on it inside our own protected spaces, now is the time to take control and stand against these matters when one sees these events in people.

Ladies, who go outside for work to make a living for themselves and to their own families should be provided a safe and protected atmosphere. That’s the type of Naya Pakistan we’re attempting to develop and it might just be possible to achieve this if all people make some attempts to have a thing whenever we find anything wrong happening.

People believe that is the way Naya Pakistan is likely to be like

Some people also are known as this particular man to be terminated from his job

Some believe that actions have to be taken against him for using the title of FIA to sabotage people