Entertainment channels have been decreased, and the meaning of entertainment for the public has gone wild. TikTok, another lip-syncing and fast video app that has brought people around the world by surprise! It has rapidly reached to the top-ranked and most popular apps with usage over 500M.In this article, we will tell you about the Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers.

Some people think that the content on TikTok does not match the rich content on other social media platforms, but what these people may not realize is that TikTok is a giant that has progressively taken over the world of social media. TikTok is one of the most popular apps in most countries, and so the numbers say. this is the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store (2018), the 6th most downloaded app in the world (2018), downloaded by 1 in 7 people in Thailand.

TikTok publishes small material videos, which are an excellent source of entertainment today. Production is fast-paced, and the material is getting short. We are continually changing as humans, and this is reflected in our pattern of production, and TikTok is the best example to support this argument.

11. Role of TikTok

The TikTok app continues to provide us with a brief entertainment experience in the form of lip-syncing, spinning, eating, and all sorts of short videos. The importance of such videos are not specific to TikTok but are prominent across other sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
Pakistan is no far from this increased rate of TikTok usage, and its consumers of TikTok are rising tremendously. It’s clear that with each passing day, ordinary people become celebrities. Unlike Instagram Celebrities, Pakistani TikTok celebrities have also gained popularity quite fast, there’s so much content being created by Pakistanis on these platforms today, so it’s clear we’ve been asking you which videos are great.

As its fame is getting high, the trend of its fans is also increasing day by day. People do like the TikTokers, and its tendency is getting high by passing days. Now there are also some famous TikTokers by whom this app is getting very popular. We are here to update you with the list of top Pakistani TikTokers. Here is the list of Top Ten Pakistani TikTokers:

Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers

10. 1. Pinky Francis

First among Pakistan’s famous TikTok stars is 26-year-old Pinky Francis, raised in Pakistan and currently residing in Dubai, a rising TikTok celebrity with a huge fan following the arrival on TikTok in just a year. Her comedy video clips, funny Urdu dialogues, illustrations, and lip-syncs are very famous to her. On TikTok, Pinky worked closely with Arshfam. Her videos are undoubtedly a fun treat with captivating looks and entertaining personality, and that’s why she’s been able to gather 2.4 million fans and more than 31 million hearts on the platform.TikTok ID: @pinkyfrancis

9. 2. Pretty Alia

First among Pakistan’s popular TikTok actors is the extraordinarily successful and multi-talented, Alia, best known on TikTok for her acting skills. Alia videos are emotionally captivating and mainly based on standard dialogs and talk shows about the drama.  videos are full of songs that are fun and captivating. the pretty account was hacked recently, and as a result, she lost most of her fans, and now only 26k fans are on her profile.
TikTok ID: @ prettyalia1

8. 3. Buggs Bunny

He loves to call himself ‘ bunny,’ and TikTok feels proud at his style and performance. Hisvideos on TikTok display his acting skills are somewhat popular, and he is often seen taking part in challenges. He made videos with Esha Hussain, Hiba Sana, and many more on duet videos. At present, Buggs Bunny has a verified account on TikTok and has a follow-up following of more than 245.5k fans, earning over 4.4 million hearts.
TikTok ID: @mjahsan20

7. 4. Reeja Jeelani

Reeja Jeelani is another famous Tiktok celebrity in Pakistan with more than 426.1k followers and 3.5 million hearts and grew to international fame on Dubsmash and Instagram much before debuting on TikTok. Her videos are famous for her expertise in lip-sync and unique delivery process. Her makeup styles are amazing, and on TikTok, she often comes up with new techniques. She usually works with fellow TikTok stars like Mr.mnv and Saqib Awan on duet videos.TikTok ID: @reejajeelani

6. 5. Pir Ahmed

Pir Ahmed’s TikTok page is full of varied content videos, whether it be slow motion,dialogues, monologs, or more. He loves creating whatever he likes, and fans love his style and uniqueness, which is why he has more than 6.8 million hearts and 444.1k fans to get. He’s an awarded muser, and his love for writing design continues. he in on 5th number in Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers
TikTok ID: @pirahmed

5. 6. Hazeera

The very pretty and supremely talented Hazeera has already been a star on Musical.ly, and TikTok strives to be one too. She is famous for her flawless expressions on any emotion or substance. Her profile is replete with humorous dialogs and heartfelt tracks. She is now capturing TikTok fans ‘ hearts and has won more than 3.9 million of them so far and has more than 629.5k fan-followers.
TikTok ID: @hazeera_k

4. 7. Nouman Rizwan Khan

New among Pakistan’s famous Tiktok stars, Rizwan loves songs and like typical desi or Bollywood. This man has the skills to conquer music, gestures, on-point, and emotions. His videos are full of music and occasional dialogues. Nouman is famous for his right sound choices for any content, and his choices impress TikTok fans. He currently has a fan of 55k followers with 648k hearts. He has made videos with  Rukhsar Mughal, Shaiz Raj, and Danish TikTok ID: @bboyjonty

3. 8. Mubeen Rehman

Mubeen is gifted with mind-blowing dance and imaginative acting abilities. His videos are a success on TikTok, full of raps and great rhythms combined with its sweet and adorable looks. He’s been collaborating on dialog duets with fellow TikTok stars, including Reeka, and has won over 2.1 million hearts on the platform.
TikTok ID: @mubeenrehman66

2. 9. Ibrahim

Ibrahim has the perfect mix of cute looks, style, abilities, and talent. His TikTok account is full of monologs, dialogs, and fast-paced, hard-to-miss songs. He is making videos with Shahzaib Malyk and Jannat Mirza. He currently has over 409k fans and has gathered over 5.7 million hearts.it have 9 number in Top 10 Pakistani TikTokers
TikTok ID: @ibrahimm007

1. 10. Anum Asad

With killing looks and attractive personality, Anum Asad, 23, has exceptional acting abilities and options for dialogue. Her TikTok videos are famous for lip-syncs and choice of songs. Anum has starred in famous drama series such as Bilqees Kaur, Band Khirkiyan, Ahmad Habib Ki Baitiyan, and more. Asad has been on simplified fashion media reporting. She currently holds onto her profile, 336k followers, and has over 1.2 million hearts.TikTok ID: @anumasad

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